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10 Tips to increase your Twitter Followers

You don’t need 1000s of Followers to make Twitter work for you, but you need a reasonable number to make an impact. So how do you increase your Twitter followers without resorting to cheating!

1 Tell us who you are with a photo, bio and link to your website


2 Actively follow people you know.


3 Tweet regularly.


4 Actively reply to people who Tweet things that interest you.


5 Share content about your area of expertise.


6 Actively Retweet content about your area of expertise.


7 Promote your business – sparingly!


8 Actively take part in discussions on relevant trending topics


9 Follow back people who follow you but only if you think they are worth following


10 Actively follow accounts that Tweet things of interest to you.


......and the key word is active!

The more you Tweet the greater your presence will be and other Tweeters who follow these simple steps will find you.

What do you think? Is there anything I’ve missed out?

If you would like help Tweeting talk to us about our Twitter starter or management service.

Gillian Chappell


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