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3 Lessons Twitter Taught Us Last Week


If you ever doubted the importance of Twitter in our lives it’s prominence in last week’s major news stories can have left you in no doubt. It occurred to me that there are several lessons for businesses that use Twitter from the events of last week.

Obviously the biggest story was that of the Germanwings air crash. It isn’t appropriate to include that in this article except to say that the Germanwings Twitter account has been nothing but compassionate and dignified since the crash with a clear brief to preserve the privacy of the victim’s families.

The Jeremy Clarkson saga that had been rumbling for a couple of weeks reached its conclusion. As a person who people either love or hate, the reaction on all social media reflected this divide. The most high profile use of Twitter was the petition to get Jeremy Clarkson reinstated which garnered 1 million signatures. Before social media this is unlikely to have happened or if it was they would have struggled to get more than a few hundred signatures. Social Media can potentially reach the entire World.

Lesson 1: Twitter and all social media can be a powerful way to get people to sign up for things.

On the same day that we learned that Jeremy Clarkson was no longer the presenter of Top Gear, millions of teenage hearts were broken as Zayn Malik quit One Direction. The resulting Twitter frenzy of rampaging teenage hormones left us in no doubt about that. In the Peerindex list of the UK’s most influential Tweeters of 2013 the then 5 band members took the top 5 spots. Social Media played a huge role in making the band World famous with the obvious appeal to young teenage fans of being able to communicate with their idols.

Lesson 2: Twitter gives your customers the ability to communicate with you directly, hence its growing use by customer service departments.

It wasn’t only teenage hormones on the rampage last week. On Sunday night the BBC chose to promote its new production of Poldark with a live Twitter chat with its star, Aiden Turner. The BBC rightly chose to use a hashtag  #AskPoldark to make identifying tweets easy. However such is the appeal of Aiden Turner many of the questions weren’t of the kind the BBC were expecting – or were they? As is so often the case when hashtags and social media go viral there is always the suspicion that the authors knew exactly what they were doing.

Lesson 3: Use a hashtag that relates to your business but be prepared for it to mean different things to different people.

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