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30 Million Small Businesses have a Facebook Page, should you be one of them


30 Million Facebook pages


A few weeks ago Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook announced that 30 million small businesses have Facebook pages. While this figure is impressive it does seem relatively low considering that a well run Facebook page can be a great way to start to promote your business.

If we were opening a shop, restaurant or bar a Facebook page would be the first thing that we set up. These types of businesses are a natural fit for Facebook as they can easily source and post content, will attract lots of likes organically, especially if they give people an incentive to like their pages and regular customers and friends will be very happy to engage with them. All of this is essential to a successful Facebook campaign.

We’ve used shops, restaurants and bars as an example but there are many other businesses for which a Facebook page is almost essential and relatively easy to run effectively and sometimes completely without using Facebook ads.  However there are some businesses such as b2b where a Facebook page may not be the right place to be. Increasingly all business pages will need to think very carefully about running a Facebook ad campaign to make the effort put into it worthwhile. Facebook makes it easy to advertise to individual consumers but we’re not convinced that Facebook is the right platform to advertise to other business owners.

If you have a Facebook page that you aren’t happy with or are thinking of setting one up. Here are a few questions to ask before you continue;

1.       Are my customers easy to find on Facebook?

2.       Can I easily find content to post that will engage people?

3.       Am I prepared to pay for some Facebook advertising?

If you answered yes to all three questions your business is a fit for Facebook. If you answered yes to number 1 then you may need help with deciding what to post and how, when or why to use Facebook ads. We have helped many businesses with their Facebook pages with some great results. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a no obligation initial meeting with you to help you decide if you should be one of the 30 million small businesses on Facebook.



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