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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Social Media


I get my best results from Social Media when I post spontaneously or when I get involved in a conversation. However success also depends on sending out a consistent and clear message to your followers. So in order to make sure I send out regular content saying what I want to say, I schedule some of my content.

Phew I’ve confessed now, but I’m sure you knew. In fact if you have had social media success without using some scheduling I would love to hear from you? Genuinely.

So why do I schedule posts?

To send a clear and consistent message

Scheduling posts lets me think about what I am posting. It means that the content I send out has a consistent message. So I schedule things such as helpful tips and links to our website, including reminders about what we do and how we can help your business.

To space out my posts

I will often want to post several things at once. This doesn’t look great and the individual posts lose their impact. So I use a scheduling tool to make sure that my Retweets and Replies are spaced out.

To post when people are online

People seem to look at social media at set times during the day, for example around lunchtime. The lifespan of a tweet in particular is short, so you need to send it when people are more likely to be online.  Discovering when to do this is more of a challenge, or at least that is what I’ve found. I am fairly sure I’ve worked it out for Facebook, but Twitter is a work in progress. I did use an app called tweriod but it gave me times that were the opposite to those I thought were good times based on analysing the tweets.

After a lot of experimentation I now send out a tweet at least 3 times a day, at the beginning, middle and end of the working day.

Because you can’t be on Social Media 24/7

My posts go out even if I’m not at my desk. This means that my posts are published regularly. However as soon as I am available, I check to see if there has been any response to the post so that I can respond in turn.

Once I have my framework of scheduled posts I can then relax and look for content that I want to respond to, knowing that my own message has been seen. This is important and is why this post is about scheduling and not automation.  My best results have come from engaging with other users. When it comes to twitter especially, a number of accounts are nothing more than bots. Personally I see no value in this and I refuse to engage with any account that I think is fully automated. It seems Twitter agrees with me as it clearly states.

Once you decide to schedule your content you need to find an app that works for you. There are many apps out there, all with different features; it is a case of funding the one that works best for you.

What scheduling tool works best for you and why?

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