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Back From Your Networking. What Next?


Back from your networking meeting? What next?

This is what I try to do.

You have attended a successful networking meeting. You’ve arrived back to your workplace having met lots of people with a whole lot of business cards. What next?

I sort through the cards for the people I want to keep in touch with. If I asked them permission at the meeting I will add them to our email newsletter database. If I need to action something that arose from the meeting I will do that too.

I’ll then connect with the person on social media. Often the person I am connecting with will have told me during the meeting that they have seen my posts on Twitter. That is always a bit disconcerting but proof that I am getting our message out there. If I am not already following them I will search for them and follow them.

If the organiser of the networking meeting is on Twitter too I will send a tweet acknowledging the meeting and perhaps mentioning the people I met.

My next step is to look for the person on LinkedIn. I’ve always viewed LinkedIn as a place to build business relationships. I can easily see a lot about the person I want to connect with, a summary of what they offer, their previous experience, what skills they have been endorsed for and sometimes examples of their work and any awards they may have. If I send them an invitation to connect I will always add a personal message saying where we met and anything else that is appropriate.

Something I don’t do is send a Facebook friend request to the person I’ve just met. However I’ve recently been getting Facebook friend requests from people after networking events. Having always kept my Facebook profile private and separate from my business this always surprises me.

I am not sure why this is;

Do people prefer Facebook to LinkedIn?

Is it a way to beat the declining organic reach of Facebook pages by sharing business information as well as personal posts on your profile? 

Am I right? If you send a Facebook request rather than or as well as a LinkedIn invitation I would like to know why. Does it work better for you? Am I missing something?


Gillian Chappell
February 28,2017 03:09 pm
Interesting and probably worthy of a whole blog. Personally I generally keep my Facebook profile private as I spend so much time on social media for my business that I just want to relax when I log into my Facebook profile with people I know well.

Helen Ferguson
February 28,2017 02:51 pm
Hi Phil this is a good post - and I share your view and keep Facebook for Family & Friends and use Twitter and LinkedIn for business connections. However I recently took part in a survey for a friend studying psychology of Facebook profiles and it made me wonder about this very nugget - Why do I do that? Is there something I'm hiding from my working image by not mixing the two? Is there something about talking shop for Facebook friends I'm avoiding ? Very interested in this!!! HF

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