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5 Tips for Effective Twitter Lists


While Twitter is still working for us I am convinced that it can work better so over the summer I’ve been trialling new ideas and going back to the basics of when I first set up an account 71/2 years ago. In 2009 2.5million Tweets were sent each day, in January 2016 this had risen to 300 million per day. It was much easier to get noticed and to notice people back then.

The way Twitter shows you tweets has also changed dramatically and if you log in you may not necessarily see tweets in the order they were published.

My aim has been to create a strategy to get as many of my Tweets seen as possible and to see the tweets I want to engage with.

One of the ways I get my tweets noticed is by using hashtags. I recently shared 5 Twitter Hashtags to get you noticed.

How do I find tweets I want to engage with? The answer is Twitter lists, something I’ve been creating and using since my early days on Twitter but now more important than ever to make sure I keep in touch with people I want to keep in touch with. So here are my tips for using Twitter lists effectively.

1.       Create your list

Decide who you want to hear from and engage with and create a list to add them too. It may be influential people in your industry, people you know will engage with you and obviously potential clients.

2.       Public or Private?

Most of my lists are private, simply because they are a way for me to organise people I follow and want to hear from. However people can follow your public lists and if your list is public the accounts you add to it will get a notification to tell them..

3.       Naming your list

If your list is private this isn’t a problem, you can call it what you like and even be blunt or rude. However if your list is public people will see the name and why you want to follow them. I have been added to lists called “Potential Clients” and I have been put off by the bluntness even though I know that is why I follow people and they follow me. I’ve also been added to lists with names such as “Awesome Tweeters” while I’m flattered I usually check out lists I’ve been added to. A lot of the time these lists are create by bots and have loads of members adding very little value. That said I have been added to genuine lists. It is easy to spot these, they may be created by people you know or be lists of people in your locality.

4.       Using lists to get you noticed

I’ve already mentioned that you will be notified when you are added to a public Twitter list. This can be a way to remind people about your account after you have followed them.

5.       Adding people you don’t follow

Lists also allow you to add accounts that you don’t follow. The real benefit of this is applicable to private lists. It allows you to add people you want to keep an eye on but don’t want to know that you are following them. So it is a brilliant way to keep a sneaky eye on your competitors. It also means that you can follow accounts that you may not want people to know you are following. I’ll leave you to add your own examples.

Creating and managing lists for Twitter really would be one of my top tips for getting results. While in many ways Twitter thrives on spontaneity using an organised approach means that you get the most out of the effort you put in.

I can do the hard work for you. Our social media management service includes setting up Twitter lists, especially helpful if you don’t have the time to do it.

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