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5 tips to manage your Social Media without it managing you.



5 tips to manage your Social Media without it managing you.

As you know I love using Social Media and sharing my knowledge with other business owners. Social Media can be a great tool for your business but with so many choices available it can seem overwhelming. Many large businesses such as Marks and Spencer are employing people to run their Social Media all of the time. However as a smaller business this isn’t an option for you so how do you cope and use your time effectively. Here are my top 5 tips to manage your Social media without it managing you.

Be organised

Social Media creates a lot of noise so be disciplined. Set aside a period, or ideally a few periods, of time each day to catch up with your social media platforms. You can act on responses to your posts and join in the conversation with other people.  Where platforms provide organisational tools use them particularly Twitter lists.

Schedule some posts

Some people view this as the cardinal sin of Social Media. Rubbish! Obviously the key to Social Media is to be social BUT as a small business owner you cannot be on social media all the time. My advice is to schedule some posts, it spaces out your Tweets so they don’t all happen at once and it means you can schedule a Facebook post for the best time of day for it to be seen.  Some platforms such as Facebook have an integrated tool for this but many people use a third party app. My preference is Hootsuite which also means I can see Twitter lists and searches easily.

Post consistently

The key to getting results from Social Media is a little but often. It WON’T work if you ignore your accounts for weeks and then post 5 things all together.  If you can only spare a short period of time each week then use a scheduling tool. As to how often you post that depends. For example 5-6 tweets a day and a Facebook post works for me.

Use analytics

Use Google Analytics to see which platform is sending traffic to your website. Use shortened links to see how many people click on them. Each week look at Facebook insights and see which posts worked best. You can use this information to work out which platform works best for your business or what type of post or tweet gets the best response.

If you follow these simple steps you will get a much better idea of what platform works best for you and be brave and stop using platforms that don’t.

If you want to find out more about using Twitter lists, scheduling or how to interpret the analytical tools available to you please contact us for a chat.

Written by Gillian Chappell

Gillian Chappell
February 24,2014 12:02 pm
Experimenting to find the right time to post is part of my strategy too. When it comes to Facebook I came up with 3 different optimum time and days for 3 of the pages I run. So for example for a b2b only page posting in the morning works and for a holiday rental, posting at the weekend works best.

Lindsay Mcloughlin
February 21,2014 01:19 pm
This is a really helpful list and, as you know, I share your love of social media. One thing that I am also thinking about at the moment is the timing of the posts. Astonishingly, 80% of people check their social media between 7-9am (me included!) When I have posted to my Facebook page at these times, I have had some great results. Thanks, Gill!

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