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5 Twitter #Hashtags to get you noticed


The average lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes before it gets lost as newer tweet s are posted. (And that figure was from 2012!)

One way to get your tweet noticed and to join in a conversation is to use a Hashtag. Click on a hashtag or search for it and you will be presented with a list of tweets that feature that particular hashtag.

Often hashtags will be chosen for people attending a conference or event to find other attendees and connect with them.

Many TV shows now create a hashtag to enable people watching to share comments with other viewers. Some such as The Great British Bakeoff are prominent enough to get Twitter to create an emoji that appears when you tweet #GBBO

Sometimes hashtags just appear as a trending topic. Like this one earlier in the summer that I felt able to contribute to.


These hashtags usually require you to tweet in real time, at an event, while you watch the programme or while the hashtag is trending. But what if you could use a hashtag that you know in advance will trend. Actually there is. Each day of the week has a hashtag, and every week these are top trends. To save you the effort I’ve created a new graphic to help you find a hashtag to use each weekday. There are several variations but these are the hashtags that have been trending in the last few months.


They are ideal for business use as they are so general, with the exception of #CharityTuesday. All you need to do is find and tweet a graphic or tweet relevant to the hashtag. The important word is relevant; using a hashtag that has no relevance to the subject of your post is considered bad form.

There are other hashtags in use; #ThrowbackThursday and #FollowFriday have both been used in the past. I haven’t included them as they no longer trend and it would appear that #FollowFriday has fallen out of use.

There are also hashtags specific to certain sectors. #TuesdayTravel #WeddingWednesday and #WineWednesday are some examples.

I’ve been using these hashtags over the last few months when I think they are relevant. #WednesdayWisdom in particular has worked well for me, as I share some social media advice accompanied by an image.  Each business is different so you may find one of the others works better for you. 

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