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Use the Summer and Be Prepared


It is the end of July and it seems that everyone has disappeared off on holiday. The roads are noticeably quieter and my Twitter feed is much less busy. It is easy to think that everyone is away on a beach somewhere, but while that will be true for some of the time, only a very lucky few will be away for 6 weeks.

The next few weeks are likely to be a quieter time for many businesses, unless you are involved in the tourist industry. It is a good time to take some time to think about your business and review and plan your marketing strategy for the autumn.  However many of your contacts will still be around for some of the time so you still need to keep your marketing going.  These are some of the things we have done and will be doing while the rest of the country is on the beach so that we are ready and prepared to move to a higher gear in September.

1.       Look at your existing content , there will be things that you can recycle.

2.       Use existing images to create new social media posts over the summer.

3.       Create LinkedIn articles by using blogs that have only been posted to our website but are still relevant.

4.       Reschedule old Twitter and LinkedIn posts that have done well,.

5.       Review or create a marketing strategy for the autumn.

6.       Start working on content that you need to implement your strategy.

a.       Review previous blog posts to find tips that can be posted on social media.

b.      Create new images to use in an autumn marketing campaign.

c.       Write blogs for our blog bank, we try and have some blogs already written for those occasions when we don’t have time to write them.


We’ve had our holiday so we are here for the next six weeks. Spend 2 hours with us and go away with either;

·         A marketing plan


·         An email newsletter all ready to send


·         An easy to implement social media strategy

Call us on 01491 524002 or email to book a place.  Space is limited so you will need to book as soon as possible.




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