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6 Things That wind me Up on Twitter

As you know I love Social Media but there are a number of things done by other Tweeters that are guaranteed to wind me up. Is it me or do you agree?

1. People tweeting me directly to ask me to follow them or asking me to Retweet them.

Especially if they haven’t bothered to follow me first.

2. People ending their tweets with “Please RT”

I know this is possibly just me as a lot of Social Media experts advise you to add this as a call to action.

3. People trying to engage me in conversation without taking the time to introduce themselves.

You wouldn’t do it in real-life would you?

4. People asking me to RT a Tweet if I don’t know them as they can see I have nearly 2000 followers.

Depending on what it is, I might oblige but then I again I probably won’t.

5. Automated Direct Messages that ask me to sign up for a newsletter or “like” a Facebook Page.

I ignore the request and in the fullness of time I might do this if I want to take our relationship further, but not when we’ve just met. In the World of Twitter automated Direct messages are controversial. I do use one but it is a general welcome & introduction to me and it does work in getting a conversation going.

6. People who unfollow me if I don’t follow them back.

I regularly check who has followed me and follow back people who look interesting. However I can now spot the people following as many accounts as they can in the hope of building their followers. As an aside I don’t mind if people I follow don’t follow me back, I’ve usually followed them for a reason.

People often forget that Social Media is meant to be social.  Introduce yourself and join in the conversation. If you attended a networking event in real life and relentlessly self-promoted yourself you wouldn’t get very far and the same is true of Twitter.

Treat Twitter as one big party and remember your manners and you will have the time of your life.

Written by Gillian Chappell

Emma Benson
November 23,2013 06:17 pm
Here! Here! I absolutely agree! I think its great if people have something interesting to tweet.Quite a lot of 'advisors' suggest that one should tweet regularly to keep people 'hooked' resulting in a lot of drivle - I personally don't mind if they don't tweet regularly, as long as when they do it is a) informative, b) funny or c) adding value in some way to my day.

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