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6 Tips to Get You Noticed on Social Media


Whether it is algorithms designed to influence you to pay for exposure or the sheer volume of posts, it has become much harder to get noticed on social media. Over the last year we have made a few simple changes to the things and way we post to get good engagement and traffic.

So here are 6 tips we’ve successfully implemented that you might like to try too.

Use images wherever and whenever you can.

Posts that include images have been proven to get more engagement than other types of posts. The impressive growth of Instagram in 2016 shows how effective images are. All our Facebook posts now include a visual element. When we can we add or include an image with our Tweets.  One of the reasons we now use Buffer more is that it includes an image from other people’s articles with a tweet or retweet. The big prediction for social media in 2017 is the increased use of video, if you can use video, then do. Facebook have provided an easy way for you to create your own video within the site.

Tags and Hashtags

If we post a link to a useful article we now mention the author in the post. If we’re sharing on Twitter we use their Twitter name, on Facebook we tag them or their business. This lets them know we’ve found their work useful and often will lead to a conversation, especially on Twitter. Posts where we do this are usually our best performing posts. We also use hashtags, essential on Instagram but find them increasingly important on Twitter too.

Find an ideal time to post

This comes down to trial and error. We’ve used google analytics, Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, our own observations and common sense to come up with the best times to post on Facebook and Twitter. We now have a window of about 2 hours for Facebook posts and 3 specific times to post things we want to get found on Twitter. To make sure our posts go out at these times we use various scheduling tools. Since we have been doing this we’ve also reduced the amount of posts we make with no ill effects as far as I can see.

When it comes to Facebook, quality beats quantity.

One well thought out post designed to get engagement beats a stream of posts for the sake of posting.

Plan to reply to at least one tweet a day

Create separate bold, portrait images for your blogs to post to Pinterest

As we explained at the start, these are things we’ve found work for us. We are constantly reviewing what, how and when we post to make sure we get the best results from our social media activity.

Contact us for a social media review and we will prepare a report specifically for your business. We’ll talk to you to find out what time you have available for social media and come up with an easy to implement plan for your business.




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