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Facebook Trick to Get More Reach


Since the turn of the year Facebook has been penalising “over promotional” posts – to be fair we were warned.  However it seems lots of people are reporting that page views have generally decreased on business pages. This is something I’ve certainly noticed.

Recently I dramatically increased the page views for a post I made on the page I run for our Spanish property. I posted some photos and added a link to our website and then shared the post as myself to 2 groups that I belong to. Both of these groups are based in Spain, one is for people who live in our Spanish neighbourhood and one is especially for people to post details of rental properties.

While I still think that Facebook ads are the best way to get reach this is an easily employed way to get more of your posts seen. If you want to try this “trick” out for yourself here are a few pointers.

1.       Choose the posts you share wisely.

Don’t share all your posts but consider it for posts that have a call to action for your business.

2.       Be an active member of the groups you want to share posts in.

Take part in discussions, like and comment on other people’s content. When you share your content they are more likely to want to engage with you.

3.       Check the group rules allow you to be promotional.

Many groups, quite rightly, want to be a place for genuine discussion. You won’t do yourself any favours if you are promotional in them. I belong to another Spanish group that has such a rule but interestingly it this one that has created leads. You are allowed to answer posts where people are looking for villas to rent – so I keep a close look out for these sort of posts.

4.       Search and join groups that are relevant for your business.

5.       If you can’t find any why not set up your own?

In my view ultimately the way to get good page views is to purchase Facebook ads. However you can’t do that, nor should you, for every post. So why not give this a try and see how it works for you?

Are you struggling to see the benefit of using Facebook for your business? Why not contact us to have a chat to decide the way forward for you?

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