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A Great Addition to Twitter and Other Social Media Updates



All Social Media platforms seem to regularly implement changes and it is hard to keep up even for those of us who keep a close eye on what is happening. However there have been a couple of changes recently that you may have missed and that are easy for you to implement in your social media activity.

Twitter: Last week Twitter updated their quote facility. Previously you were able to choose “Quote Tweet” and add your comment to a Retweeted tweet. The drawback to this was that you could only add a comment that brought the whole Tweet up to 140 characters. Often this meant that we abandoned a Retweet because we were left with very few or no characters to do so.

As of last week when you click the Retweet icon in Twitter app or website you will be asked if you want to “Quote Tweet in the app or add a comment in the box provided on the website. You can then write a comment of up to 116 characters to accompany the original Tweet. Once you have done this the whole of the original tweet will be embedded just like a photo. We think this is a great new feature and can only add value to Twitter.

At the moment this facility is only available via the Twitter website or the iphone app. However there are plans to introduce it on the android app.

Video: Both Facebook and Twitter now have the facility to upload your video directly to their websites or using your phone app.

Facebook announced at their recent F8 conference the ability to embed uploaded videos to other websites.  To use your video on another website click on the grey arrow in the top right of the post and “embed video” will be one of the choices.

Twitter now lets you upload videos of up to 30 seconds. You can do this within the phone app either by using an existing video or by taking one when you compose the tweet.

Video is a great way to get engagement on your social media platforms and is something we intend to use much more for the pages we manage.

Pinterest: A couple of months ago we set up a Pinterest account for GPC Marketing primarily as a place to book mark useful articles we found. I had been using my personal account to do this but kept being distracted. Interestingly we’ve discovered that as a social media platform it is second only to Twitter in driving traffic to our website. A great result for very little effort on our part.  If you don’t have an account yet and blog regularly we would definitely recommend setting one up.

We are always happy to answer any social media questions that you may have. Give us a call on 01491 524002 or email us via our contact page.


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