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Facebook has had a Facelift


Did the look of your Facebook page change recently?

As early as March 2016, Facebook announced it was changing the look of pages and it seems that here in the UK the change happened in July 2016.

I have to say I like it.

The overall look of the page is much cleaner and Facebook say the redesign has been implemented to make it easier for page admins to, well, admin the page.

The most noticeable change to the whole redesign is the separation of the profile picture from the cover photo. This now means that you no longer have to consider whether part of your carefully chosen cover image will have the most important part obscured by your profile picture. In our case we previously had to work our text around this so the first thing we have done is create a new cover image with the text perfectly centred.

Tip: Make sure your cover still looks right. If not create a new image to make use of the increased visibility.

The other big change is the removal of the tabs from a white strip under the cover photo to a prominent place on the left side. This means that all your tabs are now visible. For us it now means the text in our link to our newsletter sign up can now be seen in its entirety.  There is enough space to give a reason for signing up as we have done.  

Tip: If you do nothing else edit this tab with a definite call to action.

Not as instantly noticeable, but important none the less,  the call to action button has been redesigned in blue and given a more prominent position under the cover photo on the right.

Tip: Review the call to action of your Call to Action button and make sure it still takes people where you want them to go.

While you are reviewing your Facebook page her e are two more things you may like to consider. View the page as a visitor and check that the box on the right side of the page shows your apps, reviews, posts by other people, photos and videos in the order you want them displayed. If they aren’t simply click on the pencil icon on any section and a list that you can edit will appear.

If you haven’t verified your page now is the time to do so as your page will appear higher in search results.  It is an easy process and can be done by accessing settings and clicking on page not verified.

What do you think of the new look Facebook page?

If reviewing or setting up a Facebook strategy is part of your autumn Marketing plan give me a call to discuss how to make it a success. Alternatively sign up for our Create and Post It plan that does the hard work for you.

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