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Are you Faking it?

Is your Facebook account fake?  In recent reports Facebook have reported that up to 8.7% of its pages have been set up against its rules.  Now you are probably reading this thinking I’m ok, I’m who I say I am and I’m not trying to be someone I’m not. But if you are using your Facebook profile to promote your business your account is breaking Facebook rules, and is at risk of being closed down.

How not to be Fake

The correct way to promote your business on Facebook is to set up a Business page.  To do this you need to have a Facebook profile for you but you can then set up and administer any number of Facebook pages, currently we are responsible for 5 separate pages.  
What can a Business page do that a Profile can’t?
We’re not sure why anybody who is serious about their business would want to use their profile to promote their business.  A business page has the following advantages over a profile page.
Anyone can see the content on your page.
You can post your website address for potential customers can find out more.
It’s a valuable tool for your SEO
People can “Like” your page, you don’t have to accept them as friends
You can keep your profile private so customers and potential customers can’t see your personal profile. That way you can keep your holiday photos and opinions on last night’s TV to yourself and your friends.
Why has this been highlighted now?
Facebook have always had rules about how you use it to promote your business. However we are convinced the highlighting of this issue at this time is more than coincidence.  We’ve spotted a number of subtle changes since Facebook became a Public company and believe these changes are being made and implemented for a reason.  Our belief is that Facebook has to make money for its shareholders and will do this by charging businesses to use it.  Our advice is to take advantage of Facebook  while you can.

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