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Do you have total control of your business?


Are you in control?

We often come across businesses that want to make changes to their own websites but  don’t know how to, or have to ask an outside party to make the changes. We know that changes that involve a lot of technical work are best done by a third party however we are of the view that uploading content and images should be possible by the business owner. What owners need to make sure of when looking at content management systems (CMS) for their websites are that the methods for making changes and uploading content is relatively easy. Some training on the CMS will be essential at the beginning of the process.

Why you need to be able to control your content.

Getting control of your website enables a business owner to upload news, offers, testimonials and blogs. An up to date website is much more likely to get found by the search engines (Google). So often we see websites that have content that is out of date and frankly embarrassing. Why would you do business with a company that couldn’t be bothered to keep their website up to date and fresh?  News about your business should be news and loaded as soon as possible. Without this facility Henley Cricket Club would have been unable to capitalise on its moment in the sun this summer.

You are in control of your time.

We also often hear that the business owner has got his brother-in-law, best mate, cousin etc to build him a website. And now the brother-in-law hasn’t got the time to make the changes that the business owner requires.

Choose your website to suit you

So our advice is to work with a local web design company that uses a CMS that will enable you to have control over the content on your website. Make sure that the web designer has the time to train you on the CMS and uses a system that is easy to use. Then make time in your schedule to keep your website up to speed with interesting content.

Written by Phil Chappell


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