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Do you protect your reputation?

What if an employee starting putting inappropriate content on your website or made lewd remarks to your customers?

What if someone stood outside your business shouting to all and sundry that your business in rubbish?

Our guess is that you would take prompt and appropriate action. You would probably fire the employee and take immediate steps to limit the damage done by your disgruntled customer.

What would you say if we told you that recently we’ve seen similar damage done to businesses without them being aware if it?

You would probably be as horrified as us, but how do know it isn’t happening to you?  Remember that Twitter account you set up 6 months ago and have never used, or use to view Tweets but not send your own?  Or the Facebook page your web designer told you would improve your SEO?  When did you last check it?  There must be hundreds of registered Twitter accounts and Facebook pages set up with great enthusiasm but allowed to sit there because you either don’t have the time to manage it or the confidence that you will do it well.  If you don’t check it regularly or set up procedures to make sure you are aware of all activity you run the risk of seriously damaging your business.

Twitter is increasingly being targeted by hackers and the accounts at risk appear to be the ones that aren’t used frequently.  If you don’t use Twitter frequently you may not realise that the Direct Message you’ve just received is suspect, you’ll click on the link and accidentally send the same suspect message to all your followers.

It’s easy for anyone to leave a comment on your Facebook wall making complaints, whether justified or not, on your wall.

Our advice if this applies to you is;

If you aren’t using Twitter or Facebook for your business on a regular basis you need to seriously think why you keep the accounts active.

If you don’t want to close the accounts at the very least opt in to receive as many notifications of activity as you can.

If you see the benefit of Twitter or Facebook but need help to set up or manage the accounts contact a Social Media specialist.  They will be able to give you the training you need or manage the account for you.

After all the reputation of your business is vital.



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