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Do you Tweet when we're winning?

Are you stuck at your desk while everyone else seems to be on holiday or watching the Olympics?  When you are as active on Social Media as we are it’s hard to concentrate when it becomes apparent that you are missing out on the action.  So we’re using it to our advantage.


This has been billed as the first social media Olympics.  We’re getting regular updates via Twitter about the action and when it gets really good we have the option of using BBC i player to see the action as it happens.  Before the advent of social media sneaking off to watch a TV or Radio to watch the action would mean that you were losing valuable work time.  Tweeting about what you are watching means you can work and watch at the same time. 
We’re told that Tweeting on a regular basis is the way to success on Twitter and that you should be interacting with your followers. That’s true but frankly sometimes it’s hard to find content to tweet or things to respond to.  The Olympics means we can all tweet about what we are seeing and respond to our followers.  It’s doing the same as we normally do by reminding people who you are and it’s constantly providing us with fresh things to tweet.  It means we also got to see Boris Johnson put the Twit in Twitter as it happened.
So we say thanks for the Olympics, carry on watching and tweeting. Its way more interesting than yet another automated tweet of an article related to your industry.  That’s our excuse so come on Team GB.

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