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Does your business have the X Factor?

The arrival of Autumn used to be signalled by the nights drawing in and the leaves turning colour but these days it’s the return of Strictly and X Factor to weekend TV that heralds the oncoming Winter.  This weekend didn’t disappoint and as sure as the leaves turn brown X Factor is accused of a fix.


Both Strictly and X Factor command large audiences but both are assisted by a mammoth PR and marketing campaign.  In the last few weeks it has been impossible not to know that the two shows are returning with stories in newspapers, magazines and websites.  However very few of the column inches were taken up by the straight forward interview that is the traditional way of promoting an upcoming TV Show or film.  For the last few weeks we’ve had a stream of news stories alerting us to the fact these shows are back.  Tales of feuds, spats, harsh upbringings abound.  It certainly proves the old adage that all publicity is good publicity.  Both shows are great at this but the X Factor takes it to another level.  Someone being voted off last night would keep the story alive today; a possible fix will ensure it will run for a good part of the week.
So what can your business learn from the X Factor?

Use as many channels as you can to promote your business regularly.

Give your Press Releases an interesting angle or story, they are more likely to be used.

Get people talking about you by making sure you do the above on a regular and consistent basis?

Obviously it’s up to you how far you go to get a good story out there.  Go too far and you could damage your reputation for ever. It remains to be seen whether allegations of a fix will damage the X Factor in the long term.
My views on the programmes?  Always thought the X Factor took manipulating the audience to a new level and wasn’t Lisa Riley good?

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