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Easy New Year Resolutions that could change your life - possibly

It’s now a few days into 2013 and have you made any New Year Resolutions yet?  I’m not a huge fan of them but this time of year has a habit of making you stop and think.  Have you been thinking about what you want from your business this year?  For most of us it’s more customers and to get those you need to get your marketing right.  So we’ve come up with a few simple tips for you to implement to kick start your marketing in 2013.  Call them your New Year Resolutions; at least it’s a better term than the ubiquitous goals!

Very few of us like cold calling and there are ways of getting warm leads which mean you don’t have to make the dreaded calls into the unknown. At GPC Marketing we’re big fans of networkingas a way of getting to know people and creating leads for our business.  Getting to know people is a great way of opening doors.  We also use Social Media as a way of introducing ourselves to potential customers. We do this by engaging in online conversations with people we are connected with.

As well as creating new leads don’t forget your existing customers or people you have done business with in the past.  Email newsletters are a great way of keeping in touch with businesses or existing customers and people who send email newsletters on a regular basis report that it brings a steady stream of repeat enquiries.

Now is the time to think about getting testimonials for your business.  These are incredibly powerful marketing tools.  Set up a system for getting testimonials from your existing customers and think about joining a service such as thebestof that can help you gain them.

So there you have a few simple suggestions that aren’t too onerous and are fairly easy to implement.  Keep a record of what you do and set a realistic target of say 3 testimonials, 1 newsletter and a lead from either Networking or Social Media.  It seems doable and you can reward yourself with a glass of wine on 31st January.

Just don't forget to do the same for February, March, April.......................


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