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Facebook Asks How Long?


Facebook has tweaked the newsfeed algorithm again!

Following on from the recent change to show you more of what you want to see by taking your likes, comments and shares into account and asking why you want to hide a post or person. Facebook is now going to take into account how long you spend looking at a post.


Facebook will be able to see how long a post is on your screen therefore working out how engaging you found it. To take into account that there may be screen loading issues it will be judged against how long you take looking at other posts as well.

We prefer not to think about what Facebook and Google know about us, we would be freaked out otherwise.

So for you as a user hopefully you get to see more of what you want to see.

However as the owner/manager of a Facebook Business Page it makes it even more important to make sure you post what your audience want to see. If people aren’t engaging with you or spending time looking at what you post you may as well not bother.

It is hard to get it right every time and you probably won’t, we don’t.  Even if you only use the number of views each post gets as a guide you will get an idea of what works. However going further and using Facebook insights possibly together with Google analytics will give you a much better idea.

Our tips based on experience would be;

1.       Don’t be afraid to include posts about you.

2.       Don’t be afraid to do something different to everyone else

3.       Humour works

4.       Make sure the title of links live up to their promise.

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A version of this blog first appearred on LinkedIn


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