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2 New Facebook Page Features and How to Implement Them

Facebook featured photos and linking groups


Have you wanted to choose which photos are featured on your page?

Do you manage a group for your business and want to link it to your page?

In the last couple of weeks Facebook has introduced 2 new features to pages. While one is more of a cosmetic change only available on the web version, the other is in line with reports that Facebook groups may be the way forward for Facebook ads.

Last year Facebook changed the default view of Facebook pages on the web version. We wrote then about how to change this to get the page looking the way you want it to look. As part of this a group of your photos feature in the feed. You now have the option to choose which of your photos to include in this.

The default is most popular content and you may decide these are the photos you wish to feature. It is certainly the easiest way to make sure that your photos are constantly up to date. However you may have photos that you don’t want to feature so prominently.  However if you do wish to change, here is how to do it.

Go to the arrow on the top right and click on it.

You will then be presented with 3 options, most popular, most recent and featured.

If you click on featured you will be However you may have photos that you don’t want to feature so prominently. to select 5 photos that you want to feature.

By choosing featured you control the photos that show in the frame. The downside is that you may need to change the photos on a regular basis as you add more to your page.


You can now add groups you admin to your Facebook page.  Some business owners find groups a useful way of communicating with existing customers and creating a community for their business. We’ve written before about using groups can help boost engagement.  We’ve linked our About Henley group to the GPC Marketing page.

There are a couple of things to mention before we show you how to connect your group and page. We have read reports that when you create the link people who like your page receive an invitation to join your group. This may not be a problem but we haven’t been able to verify if this happens. Has it happened to you?

A post will appear in the group to say that your page is now an admin. 

This gives you the option to post , comment and like as either yourself or your page depending what you use to post. As far as I can see if you post to your group using the Facebook group app you can only post as yourself. Within the Facebook app and on the web you get a choice. It seems that on the web version your post will appear from either your page or yourself depending on what option you used last time.


Whether you choose to post as yourself or your page is your choice, but if the group is to promote your core business then it makes sense to post as your page.

As promised this is how you add your group to your page.

Click on Settings at the top right of the screen and then click on Edit Page.

Scroll down the page to add a tab, you will be given a number of choices but you need Groups. Click Add Tab and Groups will appear in the list.

 If you have turned off the default  tab option you can now move the groups where you would like it in the list.

Return to your page and click on Groups.

On the top right you have 2 options, Create Group and Link Group. If you already have a group click Link Group and the list of Groups you manage will appear. Click the one or more you would like to link to your page.

If you don’t already have a group you may want to create one. Clicking the Create Group button will take you through the steps to create a group.


The usefulness of these changes will depend on an individual business. The featured photos are good if you want to highlight products for example.

The group option is more useful. Posts in groups have always got better engagement as we pointed out in this blog a while ago. However there have been reports of changes in group algorithms recently, although I haven’t noticed this. There has been talk of pages being able to contribute to groups, which is something that would be a positive move. As I mentioned before, there are plans to introduce ads to groups.

Have you created a successful group to promote your business or do you know someone who has?

What changes do you predict for Facebook groups?

Please do tell us by leaving a comment below.



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