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Facebook really wants you to use video


I’ve noticed that Facebook seem to be introducing features that are aimed at encouraging people to use video more.

Just this morning I’ve read about a new feature currently only available on the iphone app. When you respond to a prompt to wish a friend Happy Birthday you will be invited to record your message on a video. This is so hot off the press that I haven’t got a friend with a Birthday to try it out and show you an example.

Back in January I wrote about the new Slideshow feature. I’ve now had a chance to use it more and there are a couple of things to update you to help you use it better.

I’ve found that loading the photos and then scheduling the post works for me as it lets me see what the video looks like so I can change it if I need to. I can also add a call to action and a link to our website.

You can also add more photos within the 3-7 limit at this stage. However you can’t as far as I can see delete them.

While editing a slideshow you also get the chance to download it, save the source code or get a link. However this feature is now available after publication.

Go to the video section and click edit in the top right of the image. You will be given a selection of ways to use your slideshow.


I have downloaded a slide show as an mp4 file and successfully uploaded to YouTube and Twitter.

Videos get great engagement and reach so anything that helps achieve this easily is a valuable addition to Facebook. The ability to use the slideshow elsewhere makes it a valuable tool without having to sign up for a similar service.

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