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FREE Marketing

Free Marketing –how brilliant would that be?  Especially at the moment when many businesses are cutting their budgets and watching every penny.  So how do you access all this free marketing? 

Most people view Social Media as free marketing. It’s easy to set up accounts on the various platforms and while there are ways of paying for extra promotion running a campaign without doing this is easy and effective. But - and there are two big buts involved in treating Social Media as free marketing, it isn’t necessarily free and it isn’t effective in isolation.

A marketing campaign based on Social Media takes time. You need to find the right kind of accounts to connect with and you need to post on a regular basis.  This takes time – your time. So is your Social Media campaign really free if you could be using that time to be doing something that you will be paid for?

While we are almost evangelistic about Social Media it shouldn’t be your only form of marketing.  It works best when it forms a part of your strategy but it needs to be supported by other means.  The website you are driving traffic to needs to be effective at providing more information about what you do and who you are.  It should provide leads for you either directly or encouraging people to join your database.  It can provide a way to connect with people you meet in the real World and keep you in touch.

Our Marketing management service uses Social Media as an integral part of what we do for businesses.  However it is only part of a complete package of making things easier for the small or medium sized business.


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