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Getting to Grips with Google+ - Part 1 Getting Started

Have you been told that Google+ will help your search rankings but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a series of blogs to help get you started on this fast growing social media platform. We hope you show you how to get started and introduce a few of the cool features that Google+ has incorporated.

So you’ve set up your business page and you are ready to go.

1.   Verify your page

Once you have set up your page you need to verify it. Google will prompt you to do this by submitting an email through the site. You will receive a Pin by post and once you have entered it your page will be verified. Once this is done anyone searching for your business by name will get a box on the right of the page with your details in it.

2.   Find friends

TIP: You can add people to your circles in a similar way to following people on Twitter, you don’t have to wait for people to find and add you.

You will be prompted to connect with your gmail contacts. If the suggestion has a profile picture it is worth viewing their profile as it could mean that they already use Google+.

You can also search for connections to add. Using the drop down box on the top right of your profile click on the People link.


Across the top are 4 tabs, Find people, Have you in circles, Your circles & Discover


As you build your page Google will provide you with suggestions of who to follow and you can search for contacts you know are on Google+. This will also be the place to manage your contacts.  If you have already established a personal page you can view your profile and circles while in your page and add your existing contacts to your relevant page circles.

3.   Create circles

Ok so I’ve mentioned Circles. This is a great Google+ tool that lets you organise contacts into groups. Google+ has made the default circle for people you add “Friend” but as you add them hover over the box and a choice of circles to add them to will appear.  Google have created some default circles but it is easy to add your own. If you add another business page the default circle is following. You can also add contacts to more than one circle.

TIP: Get into the habit of organising people into circles from the start. It will make life easier for you but more importantly make Google+ a much more useful tool for you.

4.   Look at their connections

As you add contacts you can look at who is in their circles and follow them if you know them or of they are useful contacts for you too.

5.   Search for other users in your industry and locality.

You can target who you want to connect with by using the search facility. So for example for thebestof henley I search for businesses in Henley-on-Thames and for GPC Marketing I search for marketing and social media businesses.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to get started on Google+ and provided you with some suggestions to help you. If you need clarification or get stuck please drop me an email or comment and I’ll try to help.

Next time I’ll give you some suggestions of what to post and how to use Google+ and some of its features.

Written by Gillian Chappell

© Gillian Chappell 2014


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