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Getting to Grips with Google+ - Part 2 Posting content


In Part 1 I explained ways to find and connect with people on Google+. This time I’ll show you how you can start talking to your connections.

1.   Be social and +1, comment and share

Google+ is a social network so you need to be social on it just the same as on any other platform.  You can comment on and share other people’s posts or simply +1 something to show you like it.

2.   Post your own content

If you blog then you should definitely post a link to your blog on your Google+ page. You can also share interesting things from other people or add a link to an article you have read and think may be useful.  In fact post the same sort of content that you would post to other social media. How frequently depends on you and how much time you have and also how much value you place on Google+. Experiment and find a frequency that suits you and the needs of your business.

So far it all sounds really familiar doesn’t it? Here’s where it starts to become different to other social media.

3.   Writing a description

If you are using Google+ to improve your position on Google then you need to write more on a post than you are used to doing on other social media. So if you are posting a link to a blog write a couple of sentences to introduce the blog and hashtag the most important keyword or keywords. This is my post last week for the first part of this series.

  Google+ post


4.   Public posts

On a business page the default setting will be public which means that anyone can see your post. I would advise using this for every post but there will be times you want to add specific people or want to limit who sees your post.

5.   Targeted posts

Google+ lets you control who sees your posts in a simple uncomplicated way. You can leave the post public but add specific people and circles to your post so they will see what you have posted. In this post I have shared a post specifically with someone who will get a notification on their account and email. This means that you can make sure that people see things that you particularly want to bring to their attention. So if a bestofhenley member is on Google+ I will add their name to a post that mentions them or their business.


Target a Google+ post


By removing the public setting you can also target specific groups. So you may want to bring a new service or offer to the attention of the people in your “potential customer” circle. By doing this only they can see the post and potential competitors won’t be able to.


6.   Email

As well as targeting specific circles and people Google+ also allows you to send a post by email. Personally I wouldn’t use this facility every time I post but it can be useful to target potential customers and to tell people you have written a new blog if they are regular readers.

Send an email to Google+ circles


Google have also recently introduced a facility to use a gmail account to email anyone on google+ , to a very mixed reaction as you can imagine. However so far I haven’t spotted this feature being used at all

This is Part 2 of Getting To Grips With Google+, these are the other blogs in the series;

Part 1 – Getting started

Written by Gillian Chappell


© Gillian Chappell 2014


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