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Getting to Grips with Google+ - Part 3 Why Google+

1.   Increase your SEO

The biggest advantage that Google+ has over other social media is the fact that it is owned by the World’s biggest search engine. In fact some would say that the advantage given to search results by Google+ could be construed as a bribe. You may think that I couldn’t possibly comment.  What Google has done is integrate Google+ into a whole Google product so if you search for a business by name a link to any active Google+ page appears on the right of the page.



2.   Target your posts to selected connections

As I explained in part 2 it is easy to share posts with selected circles. So while mostly you will want to share posts publically occasionally you will only want to share something with a smaller targeted audience.

3.   Email your contacts

If you think something you share will be of specific interest to people in one of your circles you can choose to email them the link as well as post to the circle. This means that you can bring something to their attention. Personally I wouldn’t want to overuse this facility though.

As I mentioned before Google+ has been integrated into the whole Google service. This means that you can also email your Google+ contacts from your Gmail account. This means that you can directly contact people you may not have an email address for. Simply start typing their name and it will appear in the address box.

Understandably the introduction of this feature in January caused a certain amount of concern regarding spam. However Google appear to have developed this facility to make it hard to use for bulk emails.

4.   Take part in a Google hangout

Google hangouts are the trump card of Google+.  You can broadcast to up to 10 people at a time for free. It’s a simple way to host a conference call or to run a remote training session. As well as the video Google+ hangout you can also invite contacts to a text conversation.

5.   Join communities

Communities are a way of finding people with similar interests to you. You can join and share specialist information to other people who are interested in your subject. It is also a great way to find and build connections.

In my view Google+ is a great business tool especially if you are a b2b business. It puts you in control of finding people to connect with and features that let you communicate directly with them. Of course the enhancement to your search results is a bonus too.

This is part 3 in a short series Getting to Grips with Google+

Part 1 – Getting Started

Part 2 – Posting Content

Written by Gillian Chappell

©Gillian Chappell 2014





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