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Google+ no longer a Ghost Town?

Last summer we read a spate of articles describing Google+ as a ghost town.  Our experience and that of other peoples seemed to be that there wasn’t much happening on the social media platform launched by Google.  Well what do you, know less than 6 months later there are reports that Google+ is second only to Facebook in terms of users.  Google claims that its social networking platform has 343 million users. There is some dispute about this figure with some commentators claiming that Google has counted everyone with a Google account to obtain this figure.  What we do know is that suddenly Google+ seems to be happening and based on our own observations this is why we aren’t as dismissive of it as we were last summer.

  1. Facebook is now a public company and as such HAS to make money for its shareholders.  Our experience is that it is becoming more difficult to gain exposure on Facebook for your business without paying for a promoted post.
  2. Google doesn’t have this pressure; it is already making sizeable profits.
  3. Recently we’ve had an increase of people adding  us to their Google + circles.  This could have, and in one instance was, a response to the reports that Google+ was taking off. However it does seem to be easier to find more people to add on the platform.
  4. It interested us greatly that for the first time our last blog was shared by more people on Google+ than on any other Social network.
  5. So with this in mind we are now taking Google+ more seriously that we were.

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