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Happy Birthday to the GPC Blog


I realised over the weekend that it is around a year since I wrote my first blog for GPC Marketing.  I was used to blogging for thebestofhenleyonthames but those blogs are relatively easy as our members send us their news or we find things to write about what is going on.  Writing a weekly blog about aspects of marketing has been a challenge but somehow I have managed a whole year. So what have I learned along the way?

That writing a blog once a week is a big ask, you will notice the total number so far is 36, not 52 so if you do manage a weekly blog I salute you!

The blogs I’ve most enjoyed writing are the blogs that have got the best response.  So what is a good response?   Obviously blogs that get good page views and continue to get good page views indicate a good response.  An even better response is when people take the time to comment in the blog comments as happened with this blog about a bad networking experience I wrote about.

Conversely blogs that I’ve written because I needed to blog have been as uninteresting to an audience as they have been for me to write. Usually these happen when I want to talk about something but can’t find an interesting way of relating it.

Blogs expressing my opinion encourage others to add their opinion too. The networking blog encouraged other people to share their own bad networking experiences in both the blog comments and in a LinkedIn group I posted it too.

Celebrity gossip is a great way to get you to read my blog, but it has to be the right celebrity.  Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes yes – Katie Price, obviously we’re all bored with her antics.  In fact the blog I have most enjoyed writing is the blog “Is Twitter Katie Holmes and LinkedIn  Tom Cruise”  My initial intention was to write a blog about the end of Twitter posts clogging up my Linkedin Home page.  It had long been a real bugbear of mine.  While writing the blog which was already flowing nicely I suddenly came up with the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise analogy and it all just came together.

Social Media is a great way to get people to notice your blog. I’ve learned a lot from Lindsay McLoughlin of Proofed by Linds by observing the effective way she does this.  She posts links to her blog on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ .  However she then posts in groups where it is relevant.  However it is Twitter where she creates longevity for her posts, she’ll post a fresh tweet each time with a link to the blog.

Written by Gillian Chappell

Lindsay McLoughlin
April 03,2013 04:49 pm
Hi Gill - Happy birthday to your blog! Like babies in their first year, blogs develop quite a lot in their first 12 months, and a lot of the information comes from the worldwide web around them! Thanks for the vote of confidence about the way I nurture my little blog posts. Wishing you and your blog all the very best for the next year!

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