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How Good Is Your Database?



When did you last really look at your database? It’s really easy to keep adding people you meet and want to stay in touch with but how often do you look at the list and review your contacts. You may not be reaching the people you thought that you were.

In our case it has been the last few months as we changed the focus of our business.

We’ve built up an extensive database over the years through our own hard work of adding people we meet or have been in contact with. We recently decided that it was time to review our data so that we could make sure we were in touch with the right people to move our business forward. It was an interesting exercise. So in no particular order and if you are inspired to do the same here are some suggestions for you.

1 Does the business still exist?

Many start up businesses fail in the first year. If you’ve done a lot of business networking you may find that your contact has closed their business or moved on.

2 Is your contact still at the email address you have for them?

People move jobs or occasionally businesses change their email addresses. There is no point sending an email to an address that doesn’t exist.

3 Do you still want to keep in touch with this person or business?

All businesses evolve and it may be that some of the people on your database are no longer your target customer or you no longer wish to stay in contact for other reasons – harsh but true!

It’s a tedious job but ultimately very satisfying.  LinkedIn can be a real asset for this job. If you have neither the time nor inclination we can arrange for the job to be done for you. Just contact us and we'll be in touch.


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