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How to Customise your Facebook Page Timeline

Facebook have changed the default setting on your business page so that your photos and videos take priority. This means that your updates are no longer the first thing visitors to your page see. We‘re not sure why they did it, and along with other people we don’t like it, fortunately it is easy to change the settings to how you want them to be seen.

If you want visitors to your page to see your posts first here is how you change it. Click on the manage tabs as shown in the screenshot and reorder the tabs into the order that you prefer.



The write something box has also been redesigned. Depending on your business you will see a selection of graphics prompting you to create a specific type of post.  This is a good prompt to create posts with a specific call to action. 

In more Facebook news, some users now have a dedicated video newsfeed in the mobile app.  It’s time to start thinking about taking video rather than photos where you can. Don’t forget that you can also create your own video from your images within Facebook.

In August Facebook made changes to the look of business pages. We wrote a guide to how to use these changes to promote your business.

In November 2016 Facebook declared that it had 1.79 billion users, this is more than Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram combined.   Our belief is that Facebook is well on its way to being the dominant social network much as Google is the dominant search engine.

Recently Facebook announced that they had nearly reached capacity for ads, we suspect that more changes are on the way to ensure revenue opportuniities are maximised.

If you don’t have a Facebook strategy in place now may be the time to implement it.

We can help you do this. Give us a call and we’ll develop an easy to implement, realistic strategy tailored to you and your business.

Our view is that 2017 will see more changes for Facebook.

We’ll endeavour to keep you updated of these changes via our newsletters so if you haven’t subscribed already now may be the time to do so.


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