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How To Get Business From Facebook

People use social media for lots of reasons such as SEO, Brand awareness and Customer Relations. However at the heart of every social media campaign is the need to gain customers. So how do you do it?

Shortly after setting up a Facebook page for our Spanish rental I found my posts being liked and commented on by another page for a business called Costa Blanca Transfers. They had liked my page so I reciprocated and liked their page back. We carried on this Facebook interaction for some time by liking and commenting on each other’s posts.

Some of the information I shared was about hiring cars in Spain; there had been a lot of negative stories about fuel charges and excess insurance. Commendably Costa Blanca Transfers always seized the chance to comment on these stories and it was through this that we learned they also offered car hire.  After a couple of not so good experiences we decided to give them a try and hired a car from them. We liked their service and we now recommend them to our guests who require car hire and use them ourselves.

Contrast this experience with another more recent one. I wrote earlier in the year about how sharing your posts to Facebook groups can get you more organic reach. Following my own advice I have been sharing some of our villa posts to a group focussing on Holiday rentals in the Murcia region of Spain.

The last time I did this my post was immediately liked by someone in the group who coincidentally has a similar business to Costa Blanca Transfers. That wasn’t a problem and something I would recommend you do. However I would have also added a comment to the post to get a conversation going. Sadly this wasn’t the case. Within minutes I received a friend request from the other person, followed by a message promoting his business and requesting that we promote him to our guests. We would never do this for any business without knowing more about them. His case wasn’t helped by the appalling grammar, spelling and punctuation, and yes he is English.

Facebook, like all Social Media is unlikely to yield instant results, it does sometimes and lucky you if it does. Usually People need to know more about you and your business just as they do in the real World. Would you seriously reply to someone after being introduced by immediately suggesting that you work together?  No you would probably chat generally and find out more before pitching your business. The World of social media should be the same.

Do you have a Social Media success story to share?

Do you think I am wrong?

Please let me know by commenting. I genuinely would like to know.



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