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Ignore Your Mum - Talk to Strangers


A few months ago I wrote about how to get business from Facebook using examples of how two different businesses had attempted to achieve this with varying success.  It is now time to focus on how to get business using Twitter, the network that has worked better for me.

I have read so much in the last few months about how Twitter is struggling to gain new people to sign up and the changes that are being made to encourage this. I’ve been using Twitter for over 6 years and despite all the changes to the layout and additional features it still works for me in the same way that it did in the beginning.

I use it to engage with people, often people I know, but very often complete strangers.

If I Tweet the link to an article I’ve found interesting I will add the author or publisher’s username to the Tweet. (A simple tip that is proving quite effective) If I see a Tweet that interests me I will Retweet it or reply. If the other person then responds it often leads to a conversation.

I’ve “met” quite a few people on Twitter that I have gone on to meet in person and do business with.  I recently met a person I originally met on Twitter. She has very kindly Retweeted and liked some of my Tweets and I’ve engaged with her posts too. Not because I was intentionally pushing for business but because she was posting good and engaging content. We began to chat via Twitter and “liked” each other’s Facebook pages. As her business is complementary to ours and we can possible help each other and because I liked the way she responded we took the next step and connected on LinkedIn. This all lead to her picking up the phone and suggesting we meet for a coffee.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used Twitter as a networking tool. I’ve met other people who I have ended up doing business with. I’ve even met one or two people who I now call friends.

If I attend a Networking meeting I usually meet one person who up until that point I’ve only spoken to on Twitter. Slightly more disconcerting are the people who approach me with the words “Hello Gillian, I’ve seen you on Twitter” Brand awareness or the fact I’m spending too much time tweeting?

All Social Media is about engagement but Twitter more than most. It needs some effort to find the people you need to connect with but there are helpful tools within Twitter itself that can help you.

Just remember, despite what your Mum told you, it is sometimes OK to talk to strangers.

If you would like help creating a Twitter strategy or a review of what you are doing at the moment let’s talk. Contact me via our contact page or give me a call on 01491 524002.

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn



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