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How To Get Great Organic Facebook Reach

If you use Facebook for your business it is an accepted fact that the organic reach of posts has dramatically declined. The sharpest drop was in late 2013 according to a respected study by social@Ogilvy. In October 2013 the average organic reach of all page posts was 12.5%. By February 2014 this had decreased to 6.15%.  However this is an average and it is still possible to get great organic reach with the right sort of post.

“That’s so good I have to share it”

I heard Facebook guru Mari Smith use the phrase in a recent webinar and sums up perfectly the sort of post that is getting good organic reach.

Monday 18th January has been widely touted as “Blue Monday” the day we feel worst for the whole year. I spotted the following post on the page Spain Info run by the Spanish Tourist Office in London and having immediately been drawn to it. I shared it on one of my own pages. Obviously I don’t have access to the amount of views it got for Spain info but in terms of likes, comments and shares it is by far one of their best performing recent posts.

When I shared it to our page the organic reach was 77%.

Share Valuable Information

It is back to Mari Smith for this one. A couple of weeks ago she shared a link about Facebook quizzes, personality tests – you know the sort of post. These types of apps are able to harvest huge amounts of data about you so you need to exercise caution.  The post got 1 million reach and 16 000 + shares a whopping 607%. The article obviously hit a common concern about Facebook privacy.

As a quick aside I am often astounded by what people share via these apps. In the past week I’ve seen people posting the answers to some of the most commonly asked for security questions. Oh and I’m not immune – I published the popular most used words cloud a few weeks ago.


In a review of 2015 from Locowise, video posts consistently get more engagement. These can be time consuming and costly to produce but it is worth the investment. For easy and cost effective videos Facebook have introduced their Slideshow tool to help make quick and easy videos.

Facebook Groups

Another way to increase the reach of your posts is to share them to a Facebook group. I wrote about this about a year ago with some information about how and what to share. I’ve read in several places that 2016 could be the year that Facebook groups become a major player for brands. Alongside this Facebook have been populating my sidebar with suggestions for groups for the pages I manage. As well as this a link – that currently doesn’t work – shows me local buy and sell groups. What I’m reading is that groups will be the place to get good organic reach. What I think is make the most of this feature while you can, Facebook are finding a way to make money from groups.

Our Facebook posts regularly outperform the accepted percentage of around 5% for organic views. We use a combination of images, links and shares to provide content that people want to engage with. Our mantra is always “Why would I like this page?

Of course not all posts perform that well. Anything that takes people to our website or is anyway promotional doesn’t get the reach. This is no surprise to us as we wrote in a recent blog.

Our advice is to curate great content but have a Facebook ad strategy in place to make the platform work for you.


Contact us for your own bespoke social media review and we will provide you with a report and action plan to create great organic posts of your own. 


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