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I recently wrote a post for LinkedIn pulse that got a much larger number of pageviews than anything I’ve written previously. (Yes I was chuffed) I’m sure it was because it spoke about increasing the reach of your Facebook posts at a time when it is getting increasingly more difficult without paying Facebook to do it for you. I hope it was good relevant content that helped the reader, that was my aim.

I was pleased with the content and the reaction to it and decided that people who aren’t connected to me on LinkedIn might find the post useful too. So we added the article to our recent newsletter.

As the article is still relevant we have now added it as a blog to our website. This will reach another set of people, those who are looking at our website and want to find out more about us. Periodically, while it is still current, I will send out the link to this blog on Social Media.

Obviously social media made an entrance early on as the content started as a LinkedIn post. In addition I Tweeted links to the article, and posted links on Facebook and Google+.  I did the same when we published it as a newsletter and will repeat the process when I publish the blog. I also intend to extract sentences that will make good tweets, something I have been doing for a while with old blogs.

This isn’t the first time I’ve recycled content. In the past I’ve written blogs that we’ve added to newsletters. We’ve written newsletter content that we’ve developed into a blog. My intention is to go back to old blogs and update them as LinkedIn posts. I’ve already mentioned that I raid old content for Tweets but it is also true that I’ve expanded 140 characters into content.

I hope this has given you some ideas for recycling your own content. Have you come up with other ways to do the same? If so, please do share them below.

If you would like help creating content and distributing it please get in touch with we would be very happy to chat with you to discuss your requirements. 




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