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How to Use and not just Do Social Media


One of the most frequent things we are asked is “how do you do Social Media?”  Obviously you do have to do certain things to make any social media work for you but a more important question should be “How do I use Social Media?”

Once you have set up your profiles as well as you can and got onto the habit of posting regular updates it is good to start to think of ways to use Social media as part of a wider marketing plan. To give you an idea here are 3 ways that we use Social Media.

Promoting our newsletter

After we send out our monthly newsletter we post links to it on our Social Media accounts. By doing this we hope to reach people who aren’t on our mailing list. Our aim is to share helpful information about marketing and encourage people to sign up to receive future issues.

Direct communication

Twitter is a great way to meet and talk to prospects; we’ve picked up significant leads this way. The initial getting to know someone is usually done via public Tweets but once we start to discuss specific details the conversation moves to direct message. At this point we usually move the conversation to phone or email.

We’ve also found LinkedIn a great way to contact people directly that may not be easy to reach by phone or email.


For businesses such as florists and Interior Designers a presence on Pinterest is a “no brainer” However we weren’t convinced about its relevance to our business. However over the last few months I’ve increasingly used a board on my personal account to bookmark articles that I want to refer to again. The problem with this was me, once I logged in I was distracted by pictures of things I pin on my personal boards so a few weeks ago I set up an account for GPC Marketing. This account is still primarily for us to bookmark useful articles but we’ve pinned a few of our blogs to see how they perform.

As with any marketing using Social Media in a creative and different way as part of your overall marketing strategy is the best use of your resources and time.  Our job is to help you make this happen.

If you would like help creating a marketing strategy that incorporates Social Media we’re at the end of a phone 01491 524002 alternatively you can email us via our contact form.


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