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Inspiration, the Social Media Marketer's Friend

I’m a planner. I like to be organised and know what I am trying to achieve. When it comes to our marketing and social media I try to send a consistent and regular message and to do this I plan what I do and when.

I schedule much of our social media for reasons I’ve written about before. The main reason is to make sure we are visible and confident that our message is consistent.  This works but in our experience it is the unscheduled that usually gets the best response. Something topical and usually funny posts are those that get us good engagement.

You have to be alert to situations that can lead to posts such as these. This brings us very nicely to this Specsavers post that appeared  following the Oscars.


The post has had 20,389 shares, that is 10 times more than the next most popular recent post and 100 times more than other recent posts.

Why was it so good?

It was topical.

It was funny.

And in the case of Specsavers it was absolutely “on brand”

The whole “should have gone to Specsavers” campaign has been so successful that I suspect that the marketing team is well-tuned in to potential topical situations that can be used to their advantage. In fact their campaign is so well-established I am amazed that it was Specsavers themselves that managed to get their post out there before someone else did.

The key to success is to be aware of any opportunities that might lead to you being able to produce this type of post.

Be aware as well that there is a narrow line to tread between success and failure as many people have found out. Attempting to make light of a serious situation is guaranteed to create a backlash.  In the grand scheme of things mixing up 2 envelopes at the Oscars isn’t that big a deal. You may think that the whole situation was overblown and a good way to deflate the egos of people who take themselves too seriously. You may think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

If you would like help planning a consistent social media campaign that allows and encourages moments of inspiration please give us a call. 




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