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Introducing Create and Post It


We were early adopters of social media and we have used it successfully for both us and the businesses we work with. As you will know if you also use social media, it is always changing with new features being added but with also with more subtle changes led by its users.

One of the most obvious changes of the past year has been the increasing need to consider using Facebook ads to get the same results that used to be free. It may be that Twitter is also headed that way, the subjest of a recent blog.

In the past year our business has also moved on from providing training to businesses that wish to set up a social media account or accounts. We now focus on selecting the right one or two platforms for your business and creating a social media strategy that creates results for the time you can afford to spend on it.

Another development has been our social media review. We spend time looking at your current activity before we meet you. At our meeting we discuss what is good and what can be improved and then send you a report to action after the meeting.

One of the main drawbacks of social media is the time it takes to create and post content to get results. Consistency of posting is the number one way to gain likes and followers. We’ve identified that many businesses struggle to create and post regular content. With that in mind we’ve developed our Create and Post It service.  

For £100 per month we will create 20 unique posts to the platform that best suits your business.

We continue to offer our FREE marketing review as well as our successful marketing support programme.

To book your social media review, discuss our new Create and Post service or claim your FREE marketing review call us on 01491 524002 or drop us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Webster
March 09,2016 02:45 pm
Great idea can we grab that coffee sometime to discuss?

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