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Is Facebook showing you what you want to see?


Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with social media!

This week it's the turn of Facebook to make changes, Twitter have been making some as well but I’ll leave that for next time.

Facebook changed their algorithm earlier in the year to stop users seeing so many overly promotional posts. They have now made more changes that Facebook claim will enhance the experience of users. Actually I think they may be right. So here are the 3 changes that are being made.

Facebook aim to make it easier for you to see posts from the people you most want to see posts from. In reality this will be the people you interact with most and to be fair this is probably a fair assumption for Facebook to make.

You will only see one post at a time from friends in your news feed.

Comments and likes made on other posts by your friends on their friend’s statuses will not show up as much in your news feed, if at all.

You can control what you see by educating Facebook. On every post there is a small grey arrow in the top right corner. If you click on that you will have a range of options to change what you see, if at all from that poster.

As Facebook user this sounds great to me, us a Facebook marketer, not so much. This will disadvantage organic posts unless the user regularly engages with your page decreasing your page reach. This makes it even more important to create engaging posts. However to get your posts seen the most effective way is to boost them using Facebook ads. My advice would be to aim for a mix of the two approaches.




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