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Is Twitter Katie Holmes and LinkedIn Tom Cruise?

Over the weekend we received a message, along with all other users, to tell us that Twitter posts will no longer appear on LinkedIn.
On wading through the inbox this morning I've read lots of articles speculating why the relationship has been severed.  It would appear that  in this case Twitter has made the decision so becoming Katie Holmes to LinkedIn's Tom Cruise.  Everything we've read suggests that the move will strengthen Twitter's position but in our view it is good news for LinkedIn.,

Why we welcome the news
The news that Twitter updates will no longer feature in someone's LinkedIn profile was welcome news to us.  We've long been annoyed by it.  We would go as far as to list it as one of our Social Media pet hates. We don't log on to LinkedIn as often as Twitter and when we do our home pages have been full of Twitter updates and not the information we would like to see. What a change to log on this morning and see LinkedIn style updates completely relevant to other people's business.  By the way is it just us who are fascinated by who is linked to who? Twitter has it's place but we've never really seen the point of it being included on LinkedIn.  It clogged the profile and in our view has hindered LinkedIn becoming a great place to link with business contacts and engage with them there. In a similar way,  if the media is to be believed, to the way that Katie Holmes' career has been held back due to her marriage to Tom Cruise. So let's all embrace the change and start liking and commenting on posts. We're looking forward to seeing news from people who don't tweet and not seeing our profile clogged by people who do.

Well Done LinkedIn
Major Brownie points should be awarded to LinkedIn too.  They sent a message to users informing them of the change.  Facebook please take note.  

Karen Livingstone
July 03,2012 02:16 pm
Great blog! I was very impressed by the email sent out by LinkedIn - refreshing to be made aware of a change!!!!! I totally agree that it will be nice to see people putting some effort into LinkedIn and specifically going to update their status and being involved in groups rather than letting twitter do the work for them!

Vanessa Hunt
July 02,2012 07:26 pm
I completely agree! I find LinkedIn and Twitter are essential tools for very different purposes. When I look at LinkedIn's feed, I don't wish to see Tweets I've already read or am simply not interested in. I felt like LI was morphing into Twitter! There are moments when you want to selectively post to both with a #in, which is great, but I for one am happy about the change. Although I do feel a little sorry for Tom! Best wishes, Vanessa

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