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It's just someone in a white shellsuit carrying a torch

“Right children we are all going to the river to watch a person in a white shell suit carrying a lit torch and passing it on to another person in a shell suit”

“Oh no that’s really boring; I’ll stay in and play on my X-box”

So why is it that thousands of people made their way to the river in Henley-on-Thames last Tuesday? With the same thing happening in cities, towns and villages around the country as the Olympic Flame is paraded in front of huge enthusiastic crowds. Obviously as a country we are proud to be hosting the Olympics in 2012 and people want to express their pride by turning out for the visit of the flame to their area. Also many people know somebody who is carrying the torch and want to support them.
However I believe that the main reason has been the amazing job of marketing the Olympic Flame’s route since the torch was lit on Mount Olympus, and if not before. On the  BBC and national newspapers, local TV, Radio and websites and through Social Media you haven’t been able to avoid seeing the torch and finding out about the route.

The Olympic Flame has also been heavily promoted by the sponsors, Coca Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung. They have used social media heavily in informing people of the route. Facebook and Twitter were made for this, and pushing their brands as well. Schools have been targeted heavily and hugely encouraged to attend en mass when the flame is in their area.

Many lessons can be learned by small and medium sized companies from the marketing of the Olympic Flame, for example the use of social media to connect to local people and organisations. Use a broad approach to your marketing; don’t just rely on the old ways that you have used for years. Marketing your business is changing rapidly and you will lose out if you don’t endorse some of the new methods. One or two channels to market yourself are now too narrow; you need to spread your message wide.  If you have a new product or service to tell the world about, or some news to broadcast, GPC Marketing can facilitate getting your information out to the wider world.

After all it is just a person in a white shell suit carrying a torch!!


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