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Linkedin's Marmite Moment

Two weeks ago LinkedIn launched Endorsements.  This allows your connections a quick and easy way to endorse you for the skills you have listed on your profile.  However this new development has created a Marmite reaction among social media commentators, they either love it or hate it. Our view is that it is an easy way for people to validate your skills but its ease is also its drawback. Clicking a mouse is so much easier than having to write a few words.

However as it looks as if it is here to stay this is our advice for gaining the maximum benefit from this new feature

Make sure you have listed your skills – if you haven’t added your skills to your profile LinkedIn will suggest some to anyone accessing your profile to endorse you.  You could find yourself being endorsed for a skill you don’t have or one that isn’t a major part of what you do.

Take Control- there is a facility to remove an endorsement or not to accept an endorsement for a skill you don’t have.

Pace yourself – Don’t endorse all your connections at once.  You will show in the news feed and on newsletters as having endorsed people, only doing a few at a time will ensure you feature regularly.

Recommendations will always be more powerful - writing a recommendation for someone gives you the chance to explain why the service was good, it shows you took the time to write and didn’t just tick a box.  


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