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Making Facebook work for your business


Are you getting the best results from your Facebook page?  It is no longer as easy to get people to see your Facebook posts as it once was.  This is because Facebook became a public company last year and they now need to make a profit. However there are ways to make sure your posts are seen by as many people as possible without having to pay. Here are a few ways we have made it work for us.

Firstly and most importantly make sure you are using a Facebook page for your business.  If Facebook think you are using your personal profile to promote your business they can and have suspended accounts.  While you can set up a page without a Facebook profile we wouldn’t recommend this as it has restrictions about how much you can do with it. We've written previously about the advantages of a Facebook business page.

Before you set up your page you need to think about what you will post on it and what you want to achieve by setting it up.  Think about why you would “Like” the page and how you will measure its success.  Now you will want to get people to Like your page.  You can ask existing Facebook friends to Like your page, but don’t ask all your friends just ones you know well or you think will be interested in your business.  Add a link to your page on your website, in your email signature and in your email newsletter if you send one.  Like the pages of other businesses that complement your business. Don’t get hung up by how many likes you have – the key is to interact and too many Likes with too little interaction are counter-productive.  However you should aim to get 30 likes. Once you have 30 likes, Facebook makes the insights for your page available to you.

Use the insights Facebook provide as well as Google analytics to analyse what posts work the best for your business.  If you don’t yet have 30 Likes or even if you have don’t forget that the response you get to the post can be a good indicator of how well it has worked.

Other points to consider when you are posting to Facebook are;

1.   Post regularly. How regularly will depend on your business, but try to do something every day, even if you only like someone else’s post.

2.   Use the scheduling facility within Facebook to spread out your posts. 

3.   Mix up your posts with status updates with no links, photos and shares from other pages.

4.   Interaction is the key, like other pages and comment on other statuses However think about your “brand” and don’t do to much at once or it will clog up your fans’ Timeline.

5.   Work out the best time or times to post.

6.   Make your content engaging to you fans. The more they like and comment the better your chance of your posts being seen. Facebook call this Edgerank which is an algorithm they use to select which posts get seen.


We hope you have found this information useful.  Facebook works best when it is a well thought out part of your marketing plan.  During our bespoke Facebook trainings we work with our clients to think about how Facebook can support other marketing activity.

Written by Gillian Chappell

Karen Crook
August 19,2014 02:36 pm
Just had my page suspended so have set up a proper business page! Would now like to develop it so any info gratefully received thank you.

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