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New Look LinkedIn

A couple of weeks ago I got the much heralded new look LinkedIn. It appeared the day I logged in to do some preparatory work for a client I am doing some social media training with. I just hope that when we meet her LinkedIn has changed too; it will make life so much easier.

I like the new look. It is much cleaner looking and easier to find things. The notifications tab opens a whole page view so you can see what your connections are up to and engage with them more easily.

When you view someone’s profile their latest article is visible and finding previous ones is an obvious click away. The profile also lists the latest activity of the person you are viewing and by clicking “All activity” you can see everything that person has engaged with.

If you’ve read my articles before you will know that I regularly consult and use the analytics available to me. I can now see clearly and easily how many views that things I have shared have received as well as who has liked and commented. Previously this was only available on long form posts that you had written and shared.

When you view someone’s profile you are connected with you will see a box telling you more about that person and the ways they are connected with you and other people. In the same place in the old version of LinkedIn there was a facility to make notes about the person you were connected with such as how you knew them or how you met them. This has now been withdrawn. If you knew about and used this facility you have until 31st March to request a download of your personal data that includes the notes that you made. You will still be able to download your other data after that date.

I’ve only had chance to highlight two of the changes to LinkedIn here. If you would like to know more detail and how they can help you get more from LinkedIn why not book a review with me to find out about more of the changes and the things that have remained the same.


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