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Our Top Tips for Getting Facebook Recommendations


The best Facebook groups are actively managed by the admins who run them. I belong to a Facebook group aimed at ex-pats or people who own property in the Murcia region of Spain. This group has over 6000 members, yet is actively and well managed. The Admins are quick to halt or delete discussions that are getting out of hand or don’t fit the rules of the group. The rules of the group are also very clear and actively enforced; the two main rules being no politics and no advertising your own business.

As with many Facebook groups there seems to be a core of people who are always up for commenting, many of them based on a particularly large urbanisation. It does amaze me sometimes when I see what people contribute to the group. Many seem unaware of how large the group actually is and who can see their posts and regularly write posts more suited to their profiles or that people they don’t know shouldn’t be able to see.

I’ve already mentioned that one of the main rules of the group is no advertising, although recommendations of businesses are allowed. Periodically a business will post a blatant advert; if I’m honest I can see why they do so. The group has 6000 members, which is a lot of potential customers.

As I’ve said recommendations are allowed. These are either asked for in a post or often given by a satisfied customer. There have been occasions where I have been suspicious about the amount of recommendations specific businesses get, however you can’t blame them for recognising the power of this particular group. This is all well and good if your service is as good as the recommendations suggest, if it isn’t more negative comments are quick to appear.

Earlier this year Facebook picked up on the fact that people use it to ask for recommendations, either on their profile or in a group. They created an option to add a map to your post of where you were looking. Last month this lead to the creation of a recommendations tab in Facebook groups that pulls together the Facebook pages of recommended businesses in categories.

This is a helpful way to promote your business in Facebook groups but you need to get your business recommended.  These are our suggestions for making the most of this feature for your business.

1 The tab includes a link to your Facebook page and shows your ratings from reviews on your page. Make sure you ask your happy customers to review your business on Facebook.

2 Find the groups in your area that regularly feature recommendations for businesses.

3. Take an active part in recommending other businesses you know and trust in the hope that they will do the same for you.

4 Regularly visit the group and if goods or services you offer are requested link to your page in the comments – if this is allowed.

Facebook seems to be focussing on Groups at the moment. They have recently introduced a feature for admins to ask up to 3 questions of people requesting to join the group.

Facebook advertising is also going to be introduced to groups as capacity on the newsfeed is full. We can’t help thinking that this new tab is somehow related to this development.

Is your Facebook marketing working for you? Is there something you think you could do better? Are you baffled by the various features that Facebook offers?

From a review of your page, a one – to –one training session or taking over the management of your Facebook page we can help you achieve the results that you want.

Simply drop us an email or give us a call to see how we can help.





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