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Return to Sender, how not to annoy people by email.

We are really cross about 3 emails we received this week and so forgive us as we use this blog as a way to ease our frustration! Why are we cross and why are we blogging about it? It serves as a good example of why bad email marketing can backfire.

We received 2 emails to a personal email address from someone we don’t know or can’t place, telling us about their new business. However we don’t know the person, the email was sent as an ordinary email to a large number of recipients and the second email was not even blind copied. Within an hour we received an email from a second person advising us of an event also sent without blind copying. We emailed both senders asking where they obtained our address and advising that both of them had potentially broken the law as well as it being bad practice to reveal all addresses that they were being sent to. We suspect the second sender used the email addresses from the first sender. At the time of writing we are still awaiting a reply from both senders which has made us even more cross. We all make mistakes but an apologetic reply with an explanation of how our email address was obtained would have gone a long way to appease us.

If you want to market your business by email these are our tips to avoid annoying the recipients of your email.

1. Only send to individuals who have given you permission to send them emails.

2. Use a proper email marketing system such as Swiftpage or Mail Chimp. They will not only make your newsletter look professional but will help you manage opt in and opt outs

3. Never, ever, ever send an email to a number of people without blind copying, unless you are happy to annoy people and give away your database.

4. Never, ever copy and paste the recipients of an email that hasn’t been blind copied and immediately send out your own email.

5. Always include a place for recipients to unsubscribe from your emails.




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