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Size Doesn't Matter

 Last week one of the blogs we read was about increasing your Retweets on Twitter.  In fact the whole blog gave instructions about how to tweet.  Now we read lots of stuff about all sorts of Social Media so that we can pass on the best ideas and practices to our clients. We read this particular blog with a growing sense of disbelief so in that respect the blog has worked because we’re not commenting on any of the others we read last week.


The method the blog was suggesting goes against our experience and that of other Social Media commentators. The whole blog was based on getting as many followers as possible in the shortest period of time.  The methods described go against usual adviceand implementing them would put you at great risk of Twitter suspending your account for suspected spamming activity. Now obviously the more followers you have the greater your chances of success.  But having 1000s of random followers isn’t big and it isn’t clever.
 If your aim is to drive traffic to your website, develop meaningful relationships and warm leads, following and being followed indiscriminately isn’t that great a strategy.  We’re being followed on all our Twitter accounts by other accounts that have large amounts of followers and follow large amounts of people in turn. We rarely if ever engage with them. As your followers grow you will be followed by people clearly trying to build their own following.  Now some accounts with lots of followers are worth following either because they Tweet great content such as mashable or they are a celebrity who manages to keep their followers informed and in some cases entertained.  Our favourites are @Schofe and @piersmorgan  Our best results have been achieved with people we know or others who are happy to engage with us.
So our rules for Twitter are;
  1. Have a clear idea of who is a good contact for you
  2. Follow people you know or would like to know
  3. Only follow back when the account is a good contact
  4. Engage with your followers
  5. Only Tweet when you have something to say
  6. And remember size only matters if you are willing to engage. It’s quality not quantity.



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