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Smile Please. Instagram the Success Story of 2016


The big Social media success story of 2016 is Instagram. In December 2016 the company announced that 600 million users were using the service. 100 million of those had joined in the previous 6 months. This compares with a fairly static 316 million active monthly users for Twitter.  Anecdotally the younger of my acquaintances are using Instagram more than other social media.

In the later part of 2016 we were increasingly asked for help with Instagram by clients as well as reviewing their Facebook pages

If you haven’t already got an Instagram account, now is the time to look into whether it could be right for your business.

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 it was viewed with some scepticism.  However Mark Zuckerberg clearly saw the potential and the possible threat making this a shrewd investment.

Interestingly posts with images appear to be the best performers across all social media.

Facebook. What can I say about Facebook, it continues to grow and recently reported 1.5billion monthly active users.  It plans to introduce a video only news feed early in 2017, something that is probably related to the news that it is almost out of advertising capacity. In 2017 I see it becoming even more dominant.

In 2017 you will need an active Facebook page.

Predicting what will happen based on what has happened before is always tricky, 2016 proved that. However you cannot afford to ignore Facebook particularly if you are a business to consumer business.

Twitter had a difficult 2016, there were many reports of a decline in active users, staff made redundant and boardroom changes. On a more positive note, during 2016 Twitter made changes to the 140 character limit. User names, images and links are no longer included in the 140 total meaning that you still have to be succinct but that you have a bit more space in which to be so.

There is still value in using Twitter, you just need to invest time in managing your account.

In late December 2016 Microsoft finally completed their purchase of LinkedIn. What this means for us as users is not clear at the moment.

Over the next few weeks you will see a change to the look of your LinkedIn profile as it is brought more in line with the LinkedIn app.

LinkedIn continues to be a really good resource for discovering and developing business connections.

Our social media reviews give you practical easy to implement advice for getting good results from social media. Get in touch via email or phone 01491 524002 to book yours.





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