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So are there too many Social Media Experts?

While I was speaking to a friend of mine recently she mentioned something she had read on a blog.  Someone had mentioned that business networking meetings seem to be full of Social Media Experts.  Actually they asked if they were more annoying than Multi Level Marketers, you know the ones.  Yes there are lots of Social Media Experts, probably because Social Media offers such a great way to market your business & it is perceived to be free.  That it is a free way to market your business isn't necessarily true - to be successful you need to invest some time into your activity for it to be effective. 

Now obviously as we offer Social Media training and management we are going to suggest that you may need some help with making your Social Media activity to make it more effective.  However we deliberately don't call ourselves Social Media Experts, it's too new and fast-changing for anyone to truly label themselves as such.  However it can be of benefit for you to use the services of someone who can help you. So if you do need help these would be my tips for finding someone who can help you.

1. Look for someone like you.

Is the person a similar personality or outlook to you.It might even be that someone of the same sex and similar in age to you maybe what you need. It may not be of much benefit if you are reserved & cautious & the Social media Practioner is upfront and gregarious.

2. What qualifications do they have?

Probably none for social Media but they may have a background in PR or Marketing or simply have had success with their own social media activity.  Look at their facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.  A word of caution the profiles they are using for Social media may not be the profiles that they gained experience & success with.  Eg the GPC Marketing accounts are new.  We gained our success & experience using Social media for thebestofhenleyonthames where we have over 4000 Twitter followers between us and 166 people like our facebook page.

3. How do they do it?

Connect with them on Social Media and look at the way they manage their accounts.


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