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Why Labour is More Social


As the dust begins to settle over the General Election it is clear that social media played a large part in the result.

Now to even write this blog could lead me into a minefield so what I am about to say is based on my own observations.

Social Media has a reputation for being left leaning, especially Twitter. Even allowing for this, nearly all the posts about the General Election I saw were in support of Labour. While this was also true in 2015 I was convinced enough to tell my family that the result wasn’t the foregone conclusion everyone assumed that it would be. Something I was keen to point out to them on 9th June.

There are all sorts of theories, some of them possibly conspiracy theories, as to why social media played such a large part in the result.

Without getting into those theories I think one main reason is that whoever managed the Labour Party digital campaign understood how social media works much more than the person managing the campaign for the Conservative party.

The Labour party understand that while ads have their place, creating posts that people are happy to share, spreads a message more effectively. They also benefitted from people endorsing them in their own posts leading to very positive social proof. People follow what their friends do; it is why social proof is such a part of modern marketing.

While it has been said that the young swung the election, it would be wrong to assume that social media is only for the young. I saw plenty of posts supporting Labour on both Facebook and Twitter from contemporaries. Further proof that it isn’t only the young using social media occurred during the election campaign. News that John Noakes had died was the top trend on twitter for a whole day. You have to be at least 40 or even older to realise why that happened and why it caused such a reaction.

So as a business what can you learn from this?

1.       People who really like what you do ie your existing customers, will share your good engaging content.

2.       Don’t assume that your customers are “too old” to use social media.

If you would like help creating regular engaging content or finding where to reach your target audience please get in touch.


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